Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Finally I have gotten around to writing in this damn thing. I've been putting it off since mid May. Usually because of school but also for a lack of really intresting events to talk about. Well have no worries! I still suffer from the later but I've decided to hell with it!

First up on my agenda is to cover some of the interesting things i've done this year:

1.) Woodshop adventures!
This year I built numerous fun things, amongst them was this lovely muskoka chair:

As you can see (from far away) I looks amazing! The truth is that anyone who builds something always knows it's flaws. Who can really tell that one of the armchair supports is covering up a really nasty chip from an overzealous driller. A tip to everyone, if your countersink isn't deep enough and you over shoot it... don't try to reverse the screw (it tends to take the wood with it).

From the first person perspective! As you can see we've sealed all the knotts in the pine to prevent water damage later.

Hey! It takes my weight! That is definetly a good sign. I have to admit, the chair could of been wider, but it's hard to tell just how well everything will fit together.

2.) I have a girlfriend. Yes it's true. Don't worry, i'll find some way to make it through. I don't have many pictures but I do have this one (for those of you who don't know what she looks like yet). Luckily she's finally coming back after going to Australia for 3 weeks, so I can finally spend some of my free summer with her.

Thats all for now, I might get around to posting some articles or other things i've written in the past year, it depends on their quality, and how the "public bloggers" might percieve them. Anways so long for now and I look forward to actually writing things in here.


Jennith Peart said...

congratulations on your first blog Alex!!


5:27 PM  
Geoffrey said...

Really it is his second, but the first one was a bit of a non-starter :p

7:31 AM  

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