Thursday, August 03, 2006

Parle [par-ley]

If the title didn't slightly confuse you, it should of at least forced a long since repressed memory of French class to surface; that is if your a true blue bilingual Canadian (by which I mean one who speaks 98% English, 1.9% bad English, and .1% Québécois). Or if you were one of the lucky ones, spared from reliving that traumatic experience (until reading the 2nd half of that sentence) you may of instead remembered "the code". That’s right! The "VERY" serious set of rules/regulations to which every pirate must abide by......... unless:
-It endangers your life
-It endangers your ship
-It endangers your booty...bounty
-It endangers your parrot or monkey
-OR (this ones important) it endangers your big hat (Without which being a rum running, thieving, swashbuckling, bandito of the sea is impossible).

NOW! If the title didn't confuse you, that must of! What am I alluding to you ask?


Or so aptly named, "The Dead Man's Chest!". I still think they should of taken a page out of Spaceballs and called it "The search for more money" (better yet, give it a pirate themed motif), "The hunt fer more o'yer buried treasure! Aaargh". What can I say?

So this is now the second time I've seen this movie (first on my birthday, and the second with my girlfriend or yesterday). This is one of those movies that will have you screaming and yelling at the ending. Don't get me wrong it's a GREAT ending, but... they have already filmed the 3rd movie (as if "the search for money" "wasn't" suggesting something). Just as X-men 3 left a wide open gap for a 4th movie, or worse, a spin-off movie... so to does the "The Dead Man's Chest". Don't confuse this with not tying up lose ends, you do know where everyone stands at the end of it, but if they didn't make a sequel you'd have millions of viewers march on Hollywood. Soon they'd turn to riots, then to mobs with pitchforks and torches (they might even get lucky and find the old Frankenstein costumes), the internet would be littered with homebrewn "Blair Witch" quality movies, the Chinese marketplace would be selling the "pirated" 5th movie... the world as WE (yes you and I) know it... would... end!

Well maybe not in such a melodramatic way but I have to say one of the best feelings of watching the ending, was watching it with my girlfriend, and watching her cringe and say "noooo! I want to know what happens!". (try it, it's fun)

As I don't want to ruin the movie, all I can say is the action scenes are really good, the plot is pretty good, and the costumes are excellent. All in all stop reading this... and go watch it!


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