Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Mmm Mmm Good!

Well yesterday night I ventured into unknown territory... I finally BBQ'd something. Took my first to slabs of steak, defrosted them, forked them, marinated them in Diane's sauce, and marvelously grilled them. Luckly it turned out amazingingly well and I got a pefect medium-rare peice of meat. I'm also going to assume that because I haven't keeled over and died that the mean was cooked properly. Thats all the news I can report for now, but if your reading this Geoff your going to have to come over and teach me how (and what) to properly marinate meat in... and how to indirectly grill some bigger catches.


Geoffrey said...

Well it seems that your meal has at minimum qualifed under the first of my three maxiums of cooking.

They are, in order of importance:
1. Don't kill anyone.
2. Make it taste good.
3. Make it look good.

You would be surprise what people would eat provided that the first maxium is followed. Of course chicken/pork/ground beef are probably the riskiest commodities there.

The rest just comes with a bit of practice and know how. But the internet is ripe with good recepies and marinating/grilling tips

6:52 AM  

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