Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Who Likes Short Shorts? Really? (Part 2)

aaaaand we're back! Now here's 'Le Page' to share with you the 2nd part to our story!

Thank you 'The Page'. Now how could something like this happen? Well I of course blame such blatant advertisements as this:

Look at that... like it's okay to drink beer at the beach! What is this world coming to!

Luckily for us there is one select group of people who are cut out to handle such an ordeal. I cannot mention their names, as they chose to remain anonymous. On Sunday August 14 our four heroes; Gabe, Jenn, Sarah, and Alex... crap (oh they won't mind will they?). Anyways they went to Wasaga to assess the damage. They too felt the embarrassment but instead of retreating they instead moved forward. In only a few short minutes they turned that above... into this below...

Unfortunately we don't have any pictures of these heroes scrubbing the oil out of seagull's feathers shamelessly promoting Dawn dish detergent. I guess we'll just have to take their word on it. Despite the delay on this post, Griffyn Mirages is still your blog for all the up to date information connecting you all around the world. Until next (well it'll be on a need-to-know-basis) this is yours truly... signing off!


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