Monday, January 29, 2007

About time I updated

Well I figure it was about time that I updated this blog again... damn you facebook for sucking my time! But I think the one thing I have get out of the way is semestor 1 marks. Officially they're coming in friday... but I'm going to say that 2 marks, chemistry and allgeo, will be bad... philosophy and english should be good barring any last minute weird nutbar happenings. Sigh... hopefully calculess and physics will make universities actually like me. If only I didn't have the hardest english/math/chem teachers and had the alternative choices whose classes are getting much better marks.

Well thats out of the way, so onto what i'm doing with myself. I'm learning to play the guitare. Firstly because to sum up all harmonica instruction: "listen to music and try to play along, and hope you get good" (instead of spray and pray, its play and pray). Secondly, no one in this house actually likes the sound of my poor old harmonica... so Jenn shoved a guitare in my hand and told me to play it. (albiet I had asked her over Christmas and we just never got around to it). So that is going as well as can be expected, just trying to grow the calleouses on my fingers so it doesn't hurt so much. I'm also trying to play two types of songs, a strumming of the beatles, and a picking of mad world. (both of which are beyond me level, though I do recgonize and can play the madworld tune, its just to fast for my unskilled hands). Maybe if i'm lucky my friends will have some guitares out next semestor and I can royally bug the hell out of cafe kids with my incesent mediocore playing abilities >=D.

In other news, I have completely cleaned and rearranged my room. Currently I have one completely bare wall, and my bed/"the underneath" still needs to be cleaned and moved against that wall, but i've actually managed to make something worthwhile out of my room. I figure that i'm still going to use other places to do homework, but that my room will have jenn's keyboard/guitare/my music stand set up and a drafting table (being the artsy that I am). For the most part it can become a little studio onto itself and when I leave those crazy kids (parental units) can maybe do something in it. I'm also trying to clean out the basement so mom can start jewellery (sure there are alterative motives, but in the upcoming age of first world consumerism even if all four of us had kids, it will only be 1-2 kids. Furthermore, there would be way to many goddamn toys anyways... So I'm thinking we sell stuff on ebay,since it might actually be worth something, or give it to poor needy kids. If Chirstmas was a sign of whats to come we're going to buy your kid his damn toys anyways... because fisher price/ Toys'R'Us owns your impulse buying SOUL!). But to each his own... I packrat dirty greasy things, so long as they have some type of mechanical intricasy that I find fascinating and can see myself using to build something else (has never actually materialized my plans in this way but owell). But everyone has agreed the basement needs to be cleaned, and the only way it will be done is if someone starts throwing shit away... and if I don't tell you, you won't miss it... you don't even go down there anyways. I think if we don't get rid of the lego, we should at least get rid of the 70's toys... they are really outdated. So my proposal is you compile a list of what you want to keep... and at least in that way if you can't think of something then I know it doesn't mean that much to you... and then from your priorities we can throw them into a random storage space somewhere else in the world until all of us have houses big enough to take some of it. Also, Geoff I think you can sell my Warhammer stuff. I'd like to see some money, and I never really enjoyed the playing as much as I did the painting... which is funny to say because I hated the minute detail painting =P. But I think its time that was sold and some monies refunded, because honestly you only really need to reprime them, so they shouldn't have depreciated that much. For other cleaning things... I need someone to get those clear plastic electronic drawers so I can sort out all the stupid nails and other bits into piles of like items. It shouldn't actually be hard to clean up that workbench area... just someone willing to cover their hands in copper smelling pointy things for a day or two. Jenn also offered that we do a garage sale, the only problem I see wiht that is waiting until summer/late spring to do it...Other then that i'm not sure I have anything else to say on the matter.

Mmmm, I think i'm out of exciting new things or rants to go on about so i'm going to go watch Duan Juan Demarco!

Quotation of the Day:
"A pun is the lowest form of humor -- when you don't think of it first."
~Oscar Levant


Geoffrey said...

Yeah, the Warhammer stuff should probably get sold. Lets take a look at it next time I'm over. We managed to keep a lot of the boxes, so maybe we can separate the stuff in a rational way and start ebaying it. Or just sell it as one lot.

So leave it as is, and we will deal with it the weekend of the 18th.

6:49 AM  

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