Thursday, August 17, 2006

Eh Zoom Zoom!

I think I have finally managed to get "the" parents over the "Driving with their kid hump". Now being the last in the line I finally got to drive the godamn Concorde! Mom seemed to think I'd turn out to be a good driver... but that also might of been her attempts to instill temporary confidence so she didn't die (I'd lay my bets on the first option). I'm not sure what you people are complaining about, the damn car isn't that bad to drive? It's actually very smooth. Granted the steering could be a little more responsive, but what are you going to do? It'll just mean that if I ever skid i'll have to spin the wheel 10x faster then other people. I'm looking forward to trying to park it... that'll be... intresting. At least the extended front and back make for a really big crumple zone (don't worry mom I'm not going to crash it). Other then that I love the acceleration, doesn't feel like anything at all. I say power to the concorde! and down with all you haters who own smaller cars...*cough* corolla *cough*. That's my blurp on today's experience... but I guess in other news Colin is coming! Hooah! Brothers from afar! I also guess my girlfriend might be coming home soon. If I hadn't told anyone she left to go on a cruise (she really gets around =P) down to mexico, and I think up through the panhandle. I wasn't really given a date but she said around the 20th, and I predict her father needs to come back monday to work. I'll cross my fingers...toes...and all other appendiges (that I have 2 of). That's all I got! Until the near future, Adios Amegos!


Jennith Peart said...

Hey you

Watch what you say about my car!!!


7:27 AM  
Geoffrey said...

Speaking of crossing appendages:

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