Saturday, November 11, 2006

I love DRAMA!

(lol this was in the memory bank.... should of been posted about 2 months ago?)

In short... I love drama. This week was an amazing dramatic week. First and foremost Student Wrights went well (at least for me). One of the two adjudicators essentially cut the other one off to say: "I'm sorry... I have to say this... you were really good" [while looking at me, of course]. I also got my share of compliments from other school's drama kids/teachers. Unfortunetly the script, which is student written, is going to need a face lift. It needs to do away with repitition and give the characters justifications. The writer/director is working with her actors (thats good), but she has said many times that she has no idea how to develop my character... SO I get to run wild with it and include all the cynical sarcasim I want *ye won't know what happens*! Unfortunetly... the day we're presenting it is the same day as Mcmaster's fiddling session so i'm going to miss out on that and there probaly won't be any parental units.

The second great dramatic experience this week is thanks to the multitude of drama trips I signed myself up for. On Thursday we went to see "The Babysitter" by Eric Woolfe. It was REALLY good. In short the play was a 18+ (Adult) horror/puppet play that was the telling of "the babysitter" but included over 15 segments or stories of other 'bad babysitters' that all culminated to the "last babysitter." It took parts from 50 different urban legends, horror films, and fairy tales to compose the "legend" of the "last babysitter". The play was very funny but "scary" at the same time... ooooooooooo. I had adult themes (yes that means SEX), but it was definetly funny... ow the cliche boyfriend and girlfriend making out when a murderer comes in... >=). Not only was it funny but it was so theatrically good! The lighting was especially good; for example at one point they made a door glow in an errie blue light. How I wish our lighting kids were good enough to set up gels/filters (has a technical name)/chase sequences to do that (but don't tell them I said that...). Even better then that was the puppetry. When I say that it sounds like it would be a low quality show, but the puppets were handled by proffessional puppeters. There were also a wide variety of puppets, from large 7 foot puppets to table top puppets to hand puppets to shadow puppets. The puppets, I found, made the show just that more realistic... it seemed like the characters were just more believeable because I had to "suspend my disblief" in the beginning (takes about 2 minutes for the puppeters to fade out of your awareness). Then to top that day off! We stayed around for a 30 minute Puppet workshop. It was definetly intresting, not enough to make me want to take up puppeting, but definetly fun. I encourage everyone to go see it, and if you do it on the right day I'll come back with ya! Heres the website:

However to dispell whatever happy notions I had... I got my report card. My average is about 80-81... not good by my standards. I managed to get ever single HARD teacher. It's just annoying... people in any other class have averages that are at least 5-10% higher then mine. For example the other english class had about 90% of it's students with a 95% or higher... thats bullshit. The other Allgeo class has a general "low" mark of 85%. Hell even my chem teacher, who doesn't give us any marks back, suddenly gives me a less then 80%, no reason or justification... no marks from which we can refute it. As I said BULLSHIT.

Well i'm going to sign off... the week wasn't a total loss but as always i'll leave you with a quote (today i'll give you two, one because it's a quote I picked for philosophy class a long time ago and now that we've started religion it's come up again, and the other because I feel the need to display my inner most deepest desires and dreams!)

Quote of the Day:
"If God did not exist, It would be nessicary to invent him."


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