Sunday, August 20, 2006

The Anwser to Life, the Universe, and Everything

Before I spit out my day's update I just have to point out that I’ve reached 42 visitors (about 16 were me). As all you Douglas Adam's fans know, that’s how many roads a man must walk down throughout his life. Too those who haven't been introduced to this fine author then you'd better read "The Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy". If you don't... well I can't be responsible for the catastrophic horrible things that will happen to you...mark my words!

On a lighter note, today I helped my brother out. Went back to the coal mine in his basement and helped him manufacture some diamonds... by which I mean I helped him nail, screw, and cut pieces of wood so he could be 1 step closer to butting up jip rock and insulation! Just wait when I buy a house in... 5-6 years time!! ooo I’m gonna get you! Even got to break some boards; it's actually a really good stress reliever. Some guys even make it into a hobby:

Of course some guys make it into a profession. This guy has at least 4 Guinness world records for breaking concrete and bricks:

Well that's it for today's news update. Tune in later for more of my wacky eccentricisms! Aloha people!


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