Friday, October 20, 2006

I got the blues... buh bun nuh buh

If you didn't notice... my last post was really about 2 weeks overdue. I wrote it and never acutally published it... But that happens sometimes. So what is new with me this week! Well first of all every night this week i've been up to at least 2:00AM (sometimes 3:30AM) doing homework (so i'm just a little exhausted). Lets see... I had 2 essays to edit and revise into a second draft, and essay to write, a debate in philosophy, a test in math, a test in philosophy, philosophy ISU confrences (a lot of reading of linguitical diaherra to actually understand the philosophies), and almost an english presentation (THANKFULLY was put off until tuesday next week). So needless to say it was busy... that and I had to read multiple plays, for school and for drama.

BUT that brings me to the excitement of this week! I got a part in the up coming theatre shorts drama production. Essentially it's a complimation of 10 or so 1 act plays, possibly playing over 2 nights (not sure of the legistics yet). I was promised a part (since i'm such a magnifico! actor)... but I think I got something that will be fun to play. It's not a humour ridden part, like Sir Toby in 12th night, but it definetly filled with enough cynicism to keep me happy. So my play is a student written and directed play, and I get to play the "hobo". The plot is that this guy was bet x amount of money that he couldn't stay out on the streets with a hobo for 24 hours... so of course he takes a seat at my side. It will require some added theatrical touches (student written and all), but overall it looks like a lot of fun and the rest of the cast looks like they can stomach my sense of humour >=D.

That ALSO brings me to my next cool thing! On wednesday I went to Stratford to see 'Oliver'. Let me just say it was an amazing play. their were at least 7 or 8 children actors as well as the compliment of adults and they were all really good. They all had voices to 'die' for, and the play was just hilarious (oh how I love the comedic relief of london's lower class... inneudo!). But even more interesting and pertinent to my role as a hobo (though I didn't do it for that reason). I bought myself a harmonica from a music shop in Stratford. It's so much fun to actually play an instrument again... i'm not even that half bad... but my goal is to learn to play one jazzy blues song so that I can do it in my role as the hobo (see how my divergent impulsive thinking actually has practical applications!).

However also on the topic of drama... we're looking to get some drama club sweaters... but since a lot of us have been in drama for a while we have the standard one already... so we were thinking about new designs and I of course said we could do an ambigram. So i've unofficially been creating ideas that might possibly go onto a sweater for drama club, which I think would be really cool. So far I'm still trying to come up with a 5-6 letter word that means something to Drama. Which means that the idea behind it is that it says drama to people looking at it but to you who reads it downwards it says some funny phrase or word, like an inside drama joke. So I'm enlisting anyone and everyone to think of drama associated words... the word has to be 5-6 letters (for the word drama) but Drama Club, or Dramatic Arts can also be used. Essentially it shouldn't be more then 1 letter longer or if it's a larger phrase 2 letters.

I think that concludes my week. So like always I will end with a quote of the day.

Quote of the Day:
"I am ready to meet my Maker. Whether my Maker is prepared for the ordeal of meeting me is another matter. "
~Winston Churchill

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Stupid Colds...

Well I'm back again... still sick (Damn you Jenn!), when mom says play nice and share, she doesn't mean the damn cold! Owell, I manged to survive this week; Two tests, an english presentation, and getting to school for 7:00 am. I found myself napping 4 of the 5 days. I even managed to do it once in my computer chair.

Even with this disease I did go to the university fair last friday. The whole experience seemed geared towards gathering pamphlets and university propaganda. All the information is on the internet if I really want to see it so I found myself asking questions I already knew the anwsers too. No one could even tell me a straight anwser to the difference between Engineering and Engineering Sciences. Overall my impressions on universities has remained unchanged. Mac and Queens are still my top choices... but I also think that if I were to do a co-op program that I would do it at waterloo. They seem to have everything really worked out nicely, and I didn't really pick up on the arrogance they're famed for. We'll just see what marks I have. Currently i'm pulling a 81 in philosophy. It WILL go up, if I have anything to say about it. It'll just mean I'll need people's help to really pick out grammatical errors in my essays. Of every english oriented teacher in the school I get both the latvians for english and philosophy... as i've been told latvian has about 14 different verb tenses... like past, present, future, etc. I don't even know how you remember that many things?

This Week in School: I had a math test monday... which was moved to tuesday because the teacher didn't show up. It was a test specifically desinged to not let us finish in time... so when we came wednesday she gave us a speach about not quiting and gave us 30 extra minutes. I also got some kudos points when I gave her a quote I recently commited to memory:

"Success is not final, failure is not fatal; it is the courage to go on that counts"

I also had it in my head because for some strange reason (damn my father's english pride) we picked Winston Churchill as our platonic "Philosohper King". so we needed a quote... and that seemed like a really good one. I also had to do a chemistry test; It wasn't nearly as hard as I made myself to believe, but I didn't quite get perfect. Then I had to do my english presentation on the format and structure of a Review Essay. It was a pain in the ass, but fun. Took all my energy to do the test 2nd period and be completely eccentric and dramatic for 3rd period english... I also got to school at 7:00 AM to practice that damn thing. But being that our group was me + 3 other drama kids... we did a fashion show (a review is like dressing up)... I got to be william shakespeare and got interviewd (core reading essay in text), and we even did a skit for them and had them review it on the spot... again lots of fun =P).

Today: Well I essentially spend all of saturday at the art show. In fact, it was a really good art show... Lots of great talent there. If only I had 10,000 dollars... I did get 10 business cards though! Custom Leather (Hide and Seek), Michael Pape ( , havn'et visited yet), Zoran Designs (jewellery), woodburning, etc, etc. It was all really good stuff... i'll continue my search for jewellery, I don't know... for some reason I can't take my mind off this one ring (thats well out of my price range). Other then that It was a good day; I got to talk to a friend who I haven't seen since Grade 8 (didn't go to woodlands) and is now living in B.C. I haven't talked to her since grade 10 and she seems to be doing really well for herself. I even talked to someone who went away to university this year and haven't gotten to speak with them for a couple months. All in all I survived this week, it was no better or worse then 2 weeks ago... I guess grade 12 is just going to be a pain in my ass. Owell with that i'll leave you fellows with another quote (even though you got a winston one!):

Quote of the Day:
"An artist can look at a pretty girl and see the old woman she will become. A better artist can look at an old woman and see the pretty girl she used to be. A great artist can look at an old woman, portray her exactly as she is, and force the viewer to see the pretty girl she used to be."
~ Rober A. Heinlein Stranger in a Strange Land pg 323